School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics

Stará Lesná, Slovakia, September 26 - October 1 2016

We would like to invite graduate students, postdocs and researchers to the School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics. The school will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the High Tatra mountains. The main topic of the school is the fuzzy and noncommutative spaces, their properties and properties of physical theories defined on them.

The school will consist of lectures, student presentations and workshop sessions. We expect also seminars on some related topics (generalized coherent states, extreme magnetic fields, cosmology of early universe) and student presentations. Program will include time for one or two hiking trips.

The school is organized by Department of Theoretical Physics of Comenius University in Bratislava and Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Organizing committee :

Peter Prešnajder (chairman) (UK Bratislava), Pavel Bóna (UK Bratislava), Juraj Tekel (UK Bratislava), Peter Filip (SAS Bratislava), Petr Novotný (CTU Prague).

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