Jan Ftacnik likes to use these WEBmarks

Favourite ftp sites

LEO - os2 archive
OS/2 at ftp.cdrom.com
LEO - Link Everything Online
Walnut Creek CDROM Electronic Catalog
Index of aixpdslib

Parallel computing

Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine
Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) Version 3
PVM introduction
Wang's bookshelf (Parallel computing)

OS/2 links

OS/2 Sites
Device Driver Repository
The Warp Pharmacy
XFree86/OS2 project
The OS/2 Internet Apps Page
OS/2 WarpFlash Archives
OS/2 Warp Newsletters
The Best of OS/2 on the Worldwide Web
The OS/2 Shareware BBS
OS/2 Information Page
OS/2 user Information
The Official OS/2 Nice Native Games Page
The Unofficial OS/2 Warp Home Page
IBM Personal Systems Magazine
AIX & OS/2 Product & Services Database
IBM OS/2 Developer's Assistance Program

Interesting sites

The ROOT System Home Page
Ghostscript, Ghostview & GSview
PCLT Exit Ramp
Index of /rfc
Java-Linux Mirrors
Linux-WWW-sites all over the world
HTML Converters
Welcome to ZD net

Mix of everything

Mark Crowther's Chess Homepage.
AUGER'95 Homepage
Novell Inc. World Wide Web Home Page
Compaq Computer Corporation Graphics/Text Split
Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Welcome to Xircom Online
Mt. Baker Software
Indelible Blue, Inc. Home Page
The University of Iowa Home Page
U of Iowa Physics & Astronomy
SISSA W3 server
CERN SI Service, Preprint databases and servers
HEP Database - Make Your Own Search
Preprint server
DTC Drivers