Pavel Bóna: "Quantum Mechanics with Mean-Field Backgrounds"
(Preprint Ph10-91: Comenius University, Bratislava 1991)
= original version of Extended Quantum Mechanics.

[This document contains some mathematical inconsistencies (which do not affect its main results),
these were repaired in "EQM".]
  • Title page

  • I. Introduction

    II. Generalized Quantum Mechanics

  • II.A. Elementary quantum phase space
  • II.B. Symmetries and unbounded generators
  • II.C. Observables and symmetries

    III. Specifications and Application Schemes

  • III.A. Nonlinear generators in symplectic quantum mechanics
    ( and the missing page 65 )
  • III. Sections B.-G. (Mean-field theory, Classical mechanics, Approximations ..., Solution of NLSchE,
    Weinberg's NLSchE, Stochastic processes)

  • References