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Models of Modern Physics

Theoretical Physics Workshop and Summer School
11 - 18 September 2016, Svit, Slovakia


This year the topic of the school is Physics at the LHC.

The core of the event consists of the following lecture series:

The speakers in the second series will include Vladimir Cerny, Mikulas Gintner, Michal Koval, Ivan Melo and Martin Mojzis, each to be confirmed.

Typically, there will be two lectures in the morning. There may be a third lecture of the day in the early afternoon, possibly followed by a problems class.

If time permits the workshop part of the programme will include evening student presentations. These could be extended B.S. and M.S. diploma thesis presentations.
At the moment there is still room available for more student presentations. You are encouraged to offer to give a talk about your work, especially if it contains your own results. (This part of the programme can be finalized in Svit at the beginning of the school in the first one or two days. Please feel free to send an email to the organizers if you wish to contribute.)

Furthermore, during the evenings we typically have speakers from among the participants who are willing to share their personal travel and fun experiences. Discussions, night sky observations, possibly games, movies, etc have also been very successfully tried in the past.

Click on this link to see the Programme (still subject to possible minor changes)

The programme is subject to change if the Svit weather does not cooperate. In bad weather a scheduled hiking day may turn into a lecture day, and vice versa, a lecture day may be redefined as a hiking day according to the weather forecast.

In good weather conditions Saturday 17 September will be a hiking day to the Tatra Mountains. In case of good weather and popular demand we may try adjust the programme and squeeze in a hiking day also in the middle of the week.

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